Property Maintenance

The East Norriton Township Supervisors have adopted the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code, and Code Enforcement Officers are charged with the responsibility for enforcing that Code. Distressed and poorly maintained properties quickly lose value and that reduced value is reflected in the value of adjacent properties. One of the greatest benefits of the implementation of a property maintenance inspection program is the ability to maintain property values throughout the Township.

Some of the most common property maintenance code violations include: Distressed or poorly maintained structures, unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles, tall grass and weeds, grass clippings blown into the street, weeds growing along the curb line, sidewalks in poor condition, overgrown bushes obstructing the sidewalk or sight distance at an intersection, missing house address numbers, etc. The Code Enforcement Officer(CEO) performs regular inspections for these violations and will attempt to make verbal contact with the responsible party. If contact cannot be made or if the violation persists, the CEO may issue a warning letter and may ultimately issue citations if violations are not resolved within a reasonable period of time.