Police Department

The East Norriton Township Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community through our

  • Service to the public
  • Protection of persons and property,
  • Impartial enforcement of the law, and
  • Partnership with the community. 
We believe in an interactive process between police officers and the citizens who either reside, visit or work in the Township of East Norriton; to mutually develop ways to identify problems and concerns and then respond to these problems utilizing a wide range of methods and resources available from the police department, other governmental entities, or the community itself. Our overall goal is to create a cooperative relationship between the police and residents to identify problems that impact the quality of life, to devise strategies to address those problems, and to work together to solve them.
We are committed to accountability at all levels, respect and honest communication with the community, and a desire to work with all members of the public to enhance the quality of life that makes East Norriton Township such a unique place to reside, visit and work.
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