100-199 Ordinances

Ordinances Not Adopted:

  • 171 - Grading (Not Adopted)
199 Amending Zoning Ord. by making certain changes and adding Conditional Uses
198 Amendments to BOCA Building Code
197 Authorizing signs for "No Left Turn" at various locations
196 Amending Zoning Ordinance
195 Controlling tampering of Cable TV Equipment
194 Establishing Park & Rec. Board and establishing Park & Rec. Advisory Board
193 Amending Ord. No. 150 by increasing Sewer Connection Charge
192 Zoning Map amendment by changing tract of land on Burnside Ave. from AR to LI
191 Creation of New District - Light Industrial
190 Zoning Ord Amendment - governing Outdoor Sales, Accessory uses in an IN District
189 Flood Plain Management regulations update
188 Garage Sales
187 Condemnation of Norris City Cemetary Tract
186 Amending BOCA Building Code (No. 167) by adding "Flood Damage Control Regulations"
185 Kerosene Storage and Use of Portable Kerosene heating units
184 Loan Ord. for Municipal Building
183 Amending Parking Ordinance (No. 176)
182 Zoning Ord. amendment governing outdoor sales in SC - Shopping Center District
181 Stop Sign additions to Ordinance No. 149
180 Creation of Emergency Management Organization
179 Authorizing joining of municipalities for Investment purposes (PLGIT)
178 False Alarm Ord. (No. 165)
177 Swimming Pool Ord. Amendment (No. 173)
176 No Parking Ordinance
175 Zoning ordinance Amendments (No. 96)
174 Coin operated amusement machine ordinance
173 Swimming Pool Ordinance
172 Sewer Project Ordinance
170 Amending Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance
169 Declaration of Taking of Land (Luke Samuel)
168 Adoption of 1981 BOCA Basic Fire Prevention Code
167 Adoption of 1981 BOCA Building Code
166 Loan Ordinance for Whitehall Road Sanitary Sewer connection
165 False Alarm Ordinance
164 Zoning Ordinance Amendment from IN-Institutional to A-Residential
163 Adult Use Ordinance
162 Amending Police Pension Plan Providing for Regulation
161 Amending Employees Pension Plan Providing for Regulation
160 Prohibiting Consumption of Alchoholic Beverages in Certain Places
159 Increasing Sewer Rates
158 Expanding Sewer District No. 1
157 Tax Collector Ord. for 1982
156 Condemnation of Russell & Keller properties - Rahway Ave
155 Nuisance Ordinance
154 Zoning Ordinance amendments
153 Loan for Norriton fire Engine Co.
152 Amending the Bathing & Swimming Pool Ordinance No. 59
151 Authorization to Loan to Purchase New Township Building
150 Increasing Treatment charges for sewer rental and connection chgs to $200.00
149 Providing for Controlled intersections within the Township of East Norriton
148 Amending Ord. 146, Flood Damage Control regulations
147 Amending Ord. 96 & 59, regulating construction of swimming pools in Townshouse Developments
146 Establishing Rules & Regulations for Building Code & Plumbing Code
145 Vacating, closing & barring forevef from Public Use portion of Schultz rR. from Sunset to Potshop
144 permitting certain encroachments into rear yards & providing for Day Care in Commercial & Shoping Center districts (Amend Ord 96)
143 Increasing Sewage Treatment charge for both metered and non-metered water uses.
142 Reducing required street frontage in B-Residential Zoning disticts from 100' to 80'
141 Regulating parking on Birchwood Circle
140 Amending Zoning of tracts of land on Gtn Pike from C and SC to C-commercial
139 Amending Zoning of tract of land between Hanna & Hemlock from A to B
138 Amending sign regulations
137 Amending Zoning of tract of land on Old Arch Rd from BP to B
136 Amending Ord. 49 covering design, construction, etc.
135 Amending Zoning Ordinance for conformance with Federal Flood Insurance Program
134 Amending Subdivision & Land Dev. for conformance with Federal Flood Insurance Program
133 Amendment to Bldg Code in conformance with Federal Flood Insurance Program
132 Amending Holding Tank Ord. 124
131 Amending Zoning Ord by changing requirements for signs in Shopping Center Districts
130 Amending Zoning Ord to include installation of heliports
129 Amending Sub-division Ord for Regulation of Mobile Home Parks
128 Amending Zoning Ord to include Mobile Homes and Parks
127 Increasing compensation of Tax Collector beginning in 1978
126 Amend Zoning Ord by allowing swimming pools in Flood Plain and concerning signs on buildings in Business, Industrial and Professional Commercial Districts
125 Revising Sewer Rental Rates
124 Permitting and Regulating use of Holding Tanks
123 Amending Zoning Ord by changing tract of land on Swede Rd from IN to C
122 Amending Sub-division & LD Ord of 1972 by adding specs for installation of Sanitary Sewers
121 Imposing an Occupational Privilege Tax
120 Requiring the periodic cutting of tall weeds and noxious vegetation and declaring public nuisance
119 Providing COL increase in retirement pay of former Chief Oliver for reasons of permanent disability
118 Amending and updating the East Norriton Township Fire Prevention Code
117 Ordinance giving certain police powers to East Norriton Township Enforcement Officials
116 Amending Zoning Ord by changing tract of land on Arch Rd from AR to BP
115 Amending Ord. 68 making it unlawful to injure, remove or tamper with real or personal property of ENT
114 Providing for the retirement of Police Chief Oliver by reason of Disability
113 Amending for regulatin of Police Pension program for full time Police officers - repealing Ord. 100
112 Providing that no public ENT streets be opened or cut without first securing a permit
111 Amending Zoning Ordinance of 1963 by making changes to the Text
110 Amending Zoning Ordinance by providing for Cluster Development & Open Space acquisition
109 Amending Zoning Ordinance by changing tract of land on Germantown Pike from AR to BP
108 Amending Ord. 86 - Dog Control, and Ord. 69 - Snow Emergencies, providing fines & avoidance of prosecution
107 Creating Sewer District No. 2 granting rights on, over & under streets in said District
106 Amending Zoning Ordinance by changing zoning of tract of land on Woodlyn Ave from AR to IN
105 Adopting the East Norriton Township Police Department Manual
104 Amending Ord. 31 revising Sewer Rental Rates for the use of the sewer system
103 Amending Ord. 59 & Ord. 60 regulating construction & maintenance of bathing or swimming pools
102 Amending Ord. 101 setting the number of members of the Township Planning Commission at nine
101 Amending Ord. 62 setting the number of members of the Township Planning Commission at seven
100 Providing for the amendment & regulation of the Police Pension Program