Business Privilege Tax

East Norriton Township levies a Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax on businesses operating in East Norriton Township. Every business is required to file a Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax return by April 15th of each year. 


The tax is levied on gross receipts at the following rates: 

  • Wholesale Business 1 mill (0.001)
  • Retail Business 1 ½ mill (0.0015)
  • Service Business 1 ½ mill (0.0015)
  • Rental Business 1 ½ Mill (0.0015)


All businesses must also pay a $10 annual Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax registration fee.

Berkheimer Associates is the appointed collector of the Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax.
Resolution 2614 Township Business Tax Regulations
Resolution 2612 Township Taxpayer Bill of Rights & Regulations