400-499 Ordinances

499 Amenting Ordinance 474 - Local EMS Tax to Local Services Tax
498 Rezoning of Prudential Property to HR-1
497 Creation of HR-1 High Rise Zone
496 Historical Advisory Commission - membership
495 Sanitary Sewer Rate
494 Inspection of Sewer Laterals for U & Os
493 Police Pension Plan amendment
492 Employees Pension Plan amendment
491 Real Estate Transfer Tax Ordinance amendment
490 Providing for inspection of sewers
489 Cable Franchise Agreement with Verizon
488 Homebuyers Disclosure Statement
487 Shopping Cart control
486 Change of Property numbers on Johnson Highway
485 Amending Township ordinance setting the number of the members of the Township Planning Commission at nine
484 Re-adoption of Township Zoning Codes
483 Re-adoption of Township Sub-division and Land development Regulations
482 Sewer Connection Fee. Use calculations oer ENPWJSA
481 Housecleaning, Political Signs, Etc.
480 Change of crtain tract of land from BP-Business Professional to RR - Retirement Residential - Waterworks property - Johnson Highway & Rt 202 - Enclave at Williamstadt
479 Amendment to East Norriton Township Police Department Pension Plan
478 Adoption of Amendments to General Zoning, Housecleaning
477 Mandatory Water Hookup - Rahway Avenue Area
476 Nuisance Ordinance - Increase allowed recreational vehicles per property from 1 to 2
475 Parking Ticket increase from $20.00 to $30.00
474 EMS Tax Levy - Emergency Management
473 Change of certain tracts of land from AR & BR Residential to BR-1 Residential
472 Adding zoning area BR-1 Residential, housecleaning
471 Adoption of Re-zoning classification from AR Residentialto RR Retirement Re4sidential
470 Sewer Rate Increase
469 Addition of Stop Sign on Sienna Drive at Crimson Drive
468 Amending Sub-division and L D Ordinance - Storm Water Mgmt & drainage
467 Adoption of Re-zoning of Jefferson House Property
466 Adoption of amendments to General Zoning
465 Enacting 2003 International Property Maintenance Code
464 Enating Uniform Construction Code - Act 45 1999
463 MIPP
462 Creation of Industrial Development Authority
461 Liquor License Transer
460 2004 Bond Issue
459 Non-uniformed employees pension plan
458 Police Pension Plan
457 Police Pension Plan providing Act 30 changes
456 I & I Sewer Inspections & Regulations
455 Liquor License Transfers
454 No-Impact Home Based Businesses
453 Pimlico Farms Rezoning
452 ECII Rezoning - Change zoning map
451 ECII Rezoning - Creat District EC II
450 Employee Pension Plan Amendments
449 Creation of the East Norriton Industrial Development Authority
448 DVRFA Loan
447 Township Planning Commission - membership
446 Historical Advisory Commission - membership
445 Sewer Rate Increase
444 Vehicles & Traffic - Parking Violations
443 Sewer Use Ordinance
442 Amending East Norriton Code, Chapter 10 entitled "Fire Company"
441 Police Pension Plan amendment for COLAs per Act 64, 2002
440 Establishing Contractor registration with East Norriton Township
439 Amending ENT Code providing for permit process & requirements for roads, utility cus in any right-of-way
438 Establishing rules and regulations governing use of Township Parks & Recreation Areas
437 Amending provisions of ENT Employee's Pension Plan
436 Amending Provisions of ENT Police Pension Plan
435 DVRFA Loan - Refinance Bond Issue
434 Amending zoning map to change a tract of ground from I (Industrial) to HI (Heavy Industrial)
433 Incorporating provisions of Acts 67 & 68 of 2000 - Forestry, Mining & Mineral extraction
432 Adoption of Traffic Impact Fee
431 Amending Township Zoning Code - Rear Yard setback requirements for parking spaces
430 Amending Township Code & Zoning Map - Germantown Pike from AR to RP
429 Amending Township Code & Zoning Map - Township Line Road from AR to RP
428 Amending Township Code & Zoning Map - Township Line Road from AR to RP
427 Amending Township Code - nuisance - Commercial vehicle weights (on Residential property)
426 Amending Township Zoning Code to allow Public/Private Utilities; and Land Development Code to provide neighbor notification
425 Amending Township Code to Snow Emergency Routes by adding the State Roads turned back to Township
424 Shade Tree Commission - amendment
423 Amending Township Code - Nuisance - shopping carts
422 Site Plans required for Building and U & O Permits
421 Amending Township Code by adding certain Stop Sign Locations
420 Historical Advisory Committee
419 Unauthorized connections to the Waste Water Collection System
418 Amending Township Code & Zoning Map from IN to I (Danella Property)
417 Amending Property Maintenance Code - Allow reimbursement of Legal Fees
416 Amending Township Zoning Code - Housecleaning
415 Amending Provisions of ENT Employee's Pension Plan to Lower Retirement Age
414 Amending Provisions of ENT Police Pension Plan to permit Township to Pickup contributions made to plan by employees
413 Amending Provisions of ENT Employees Pension Plan to permit Township to Pickup contributions made to plan by employees
412 Amending Township Code by adding Personal are Homes to R-R District
411 Amending Township Code & Zoning Map from AR to RR (911 W. Germantown Pike)
410 Amending Township Code "Definitions" - Adding Parking Space; Residential
409 Amending Township Code by Adding certain Stop & No Parking signs
408 Amending Zoning Code for Residential Development Signs
407 EDU Calculations (Equivalent Dwelling Unit)
406 Amendments to Township BOCA Code
405 Hunsberger Property - Rezoning from AP to BR
404 Amending definition of "Adult Book Stores"
403 Amending code to Regulate Temporary Political Signs
402 Amending Township Code by adding certain Stop Sign Locations
401 Amending provisions of ENT Employee's Pension Plan to permit lump sum payment
400 part 1 Authorizing 1998 Bond Issue