Township Rejects Trash Hauler Bids

At its public meeting on Tuesday April 30, 2024, the Board of Supervisors of East Norriton Township rejected all bids received for consideration of a single hauler trash service for Township residents.
In 2023, East Norriton Township conducted an exhaustive township-wide survey asking residents whether they wanted the Township to explore the concept of single-hauler trash collection for the Township. The survey results were essentially split down the middle with just over 50% of residents asking the Township to further explore the single-hauler option. As a result, Township staff proceeded to collect information regarding any advantages/disadvantages of a single-hauler system and thereafter the Township released an extensive RFP (Request for Proposals) for single-hauler trash service in order to ascertain costs for services. After receiving three proposals, Township staff performed a thorough review and found that all three proposals prices were higher than what residents are currently paying.
As a result, the East Norriton Twp Supervisors rejected all bids. Trash collection in East Norriton Twp will remain private. The Board of Supervisors and Township staff thanks everyone for responding to our survey and we hope this informational process has provided residents with a clearer understand of trash hauling options.
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