Leaf Collection Schedule

Fall Leaf Collection Schedule

Please have your leaves at the curb by Monday morning and we will make every effort to have them collected by the end of business Friday. Our typical collection routine involves leaf vacuum crews working on the eastern and western ends of the Township and work towards the middle (North Wales Road area). There is no set schedule for leaf collection - and there is no need to call in or sign up for collection.

With the use of our single person leaf vacuum machines, there is no longer any need to bag leaves.

On neighborhood roads, leaves should be placed in the street against the curb and not on the lawn!  

The exceptions for "on the road" placement of leaves are Swede Rd, Whitehall Rd, Germantown Pike, Burnside Ave, Old Arch Road, Arch Road, North Wales Road, Township Line Road and Johnson Highway as most do not have curbs. 

Please be reminded that leaf piles should be no larger than 18" high and 18" wide with no trash, tree limbs or other debris mixed with the leaves. All leaves must be placed in the street along the curb or at the edge of the roadway as township employees are not permitted to enter private property to rake leaves. Any delay in the schedule because of inclement weather will be carried out the following work day. Residents are asked not to park on the leaf piles as this hinders the leaf collection process and may cause fires.


Spring Leaf Collection Schedule

East Norriton Township provides leaf collection each year during the spring for two weeks. Unlike the fall leaf collection program, this is a modified collection schedule. Leaves must be raked to the curb line for pick up. In addition, the spring leaf collection program is a CALL-IN-SERVICE. You must call East Norriton Township at (610) 275-2800 ext.111 or sign up on-line to the right of this article under Spring Leaf Collection Registration to schedule a pick-up. All calls must be received by Wednesday of the last week of leaf pick-up.

In 2024, the collection period will be from April 15th  - April 26th .  All calls must be received by Wednesday, April 24th.

Leaves are to be raked to the curb line as you do with the fall program. Residents on high traffic volume streets (Germantown Pike, Swede Road, Whitehall Road, Dekalb Pike, Township Line Road, Trooper Road and Burnside Avenue are asked to put their raked leaves on their lawn near the street but not in the roadway. Only leaves will be collected; any piles containing cut-up/mulched leaves, limbs, brush, grass clippings or other debris will not be collected.

This is separate from the Yard Waste Recycling Program.