Welcome to East Norriton Township! We're glad you accepted your position with the Township. As a new employee, you are are required to complete each of the forms listed below at the time of employment. Completed forms must be returned to the Township in person and accompanied with one form of photo identification.

Forms may be printed and then completed by hand, or you may complete the forms online and then print the completed forms. If you receive a message indicating the 'filling of form fields is not supported', select the option 'Open With Different Viewer'. In order to complete the forms online, you need to use Adobe Reader.

These forms contain personally identifiable information that could be used to distinguish or trace a person's identify. Accordingly, DO NOT TRANSMIT COMPLETED FORMS TO THE TOWNSHIP BY FAX OR EMAIL.  Forms should only be returned in person, and only to designated finance department personnel. 

East Norriton Township is committed to protecting the personally identifiable information of employees, residents, vendors and contractors in accordance with Resolution 2774 adopted by the Board of Supervisors of East Norriton Township on March 26, 2019.

Any questions about Resolution 2774 or about completing these forms should be directed to your supervisor, or to the East Norriton Township Finance Department. If you choose to email your questions, do not include any personally identifiable information such as social security number, banking detail, or drivers license number.