Boards & Commissions

East Norriton Township operates with the help and services of many volunteer boards and committees. The duties and responsibilities of these bodies are varied. The specific duties and responsibilities bestowed upon the boards and committees can be found in the Code of the Township of East Norriton or in specific Township ordinances. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for appointing the members to these various boards and committees.


 Vacancies on Township Boards and Commissions

East Norriton Township will have a number of vacancies available on the various Boards and Commissions, beginning with the new year.  The Board of Supervisors will make these appointments in January each year or when a vacancy occurs during the year.

Individuals who are interested in serving their community in any capacity are encouraged to send a brief resume to the mailing address of the Township building, attn:Township Manager or by email.  Please indicate in your letter of introduction which Board of Commission may be of interest to you.



 Zoning Hearing Board

The East Norriton Township Zoning Hearing Board consists of three regular members and one alternate member who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for a staggered term of three years each. The Zoning Hearing Board derives its authority from the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247). The primary function of the Board is to ensure the fair and equitable application and administration of the Township's Zoning Ordinance by hearing appeals from the Zoning Officer's decisions and by acting to grant or deny relief from the literal interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance under proven hardship conditions. The Board has no legislative authority; it can neither make nor modify the Zoning Ordinance, but it has the jurisdiction to grant exceptions in certain specific cases. The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body in that its authority is to some extent judicial in nature. The Board schedules hearings on applications and appeals that come before it through the Zoning Officer; takes evidence, and issues written decisions or findings of fact. The Zoning Hearing Board normally meets on the second Tuesday of the month to conduct business and hold Public Hearings.

Current Members:
Peter Amuso, Solicitor / Anthony McCloy, Chair / Samuel Coleman / John Kolb / Robert Whaley, Alternate Member

 Planning Commission

The Township Planning Commission is composed of seven community residents who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for staggered terms of four years each. These individuals volunteer their time in order and act as independent voices representing the overall interests of the community. The members of the Planning Commission serve in an advisory capacity recommending changes to the official zoning map, proposed zoning ordinance and map amendments, zoning appeals, and subdivision and land development plans. The Commission also makes recommendations to the Zoning Hearing Board on all pending zoning variances/special exceptions that come before the Board. Lastly, the Planning Commission is considered by many to be the watchdog of our community.

Current Members:
Kandy Heckman, Chairwoman/ Kenneth Grimes, Vice-Chairman/ Jeffrey Moller, Secretary/ John Barrett/ Edward Cavanagh/ Nancy D'Angelo/ Keith Tornetta 

 Historical Advisory Committee

The Historical Advisory Committee is comprised of nine members appointed by the Board of Supervisors to 5 year staggered terms. The Historical Advisory Committee is responsible for promoting the general welfare by protecting the integrity of the Historic Resources of East Norriton Township.  The Committee attempts to mitigate the negative effects of proposed changes on Historic Resources, encourages the continued use of Historic Resources, and facilitates their appropriate reuse. The Committee encourages the preservation of historic settings and landscapes and discourages the unnecessary demolition of historic sites. The overall purpose of the Historical Advisory Committee is to implement the goals of the Pennsylvania Constitution in Article I, Section 27, which establishes the State policy of encouraging the preservation of historic and aesthetic resources.

Current Members:
Joan Lenhardt-Chairwoman / Michael Martorelli - Vice Chairman / Herman Marks / Karl Wagner- Secretary / Neil Berkowitz Diana Cassel - Alternate Secretary/ David Kriebel, Ph.D. / Nancy Scheetz / Kevin Tickner