Street Flooding Information from the Norriton Fire Company

The Norriton Fire Engine Company wants to remind our residents that flash flooding can happen anywhere.  Just because a street has not done so before, it is not a factor about what can happen on any given day.  On Monday June 10, 2013 East Norriton Township had over 2" inches of rain in a very short amount of time.  This caused several roadways in East Norriton Township to become flooded with swift water.  This is an extremely dangerous situation.  The best line of defense is to NOT DRIVE THROUGH MOVING WATER IF YOU DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE WHAT THE DEPTH OF THAT WATER IS.  Find an alternate route.   As you can see in this picture the swift water found a drain and created a vortex.  Water current could have moved someone very easily into this vortex creating a life threatening emergency for themselves, and an extreme risk to the emergency responders who would have attempted rescue.  Trash cans, trash bags, and other debris simply vanished as it got sucked into the vortex.