Property Checks-Vacation

The East Norriton Township Police department offers periodic property checks while on vacation for township residents as a complimentary service. The vacation property check program provides the Police Department an opportunity to look after the homes of our residents while they are away for a period of time-either on vacation or a business trip-which is a prime time for home burglaries. It also provides our residents and homeowners an extra peace of mind, so they can enjoy their time away from home!


*By completing this form, I understand that the East Norriton Police Department, or their representatives, will check my property periodically, subject to their availability. I assign no liability to the East Norriton Police department for any damage or criminal act to my property during the above listed dates. For officer and occupant safety, property checks will not be done if someone is staying at the house for the length of the vacation.

**If you return earlier than listed on the form, please notify us at 610-278-0748 immediately upon return**

* - denotes required field