200-299 Ordinances

Ordinance Not Adopted:

  • 216 - Not Used
299 Amending the pension for Police Officers
298 Sub. and LD ordinance - increasing handling fees
297 Pension Ordinance amendments
296 Use & Occupancy permits
295 Amending the Code "Specific Pollutant Limitations"
294 Amending Ord 282 & Resol 1271 - Establishing requirements for Municipal Waste Collectors
293 Changing Zoning classifications from SN - Senior District to AR-Residential & BP-Business Professional
292 Adopting a Municipal Drug Task Force Agreement to enforce Drug Laws
291 Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Open Space, Day Care, Home Occup., etc.
290 Subdivision & Land Dev. Ord - amendments
289 Planning Commission Ordinance (appointment, Term, etc)
288 Building Construction, Plumbing and Fire Prevention Ordinance
287 Sewer Rate Increase ordinance
286 Holding Tank Ordinance Amendment
285 Sewer use Ordinance
284 Rezoning Continental Realty from AR to BP
283 Changing the Floodplain Conservation District relative to Norriton East Apartments
282 Establishing Requirements for registration of Municipal Waste Collectors
281 Reducing the Retirement age for Non-uniformed employees from 65 to 62
280 Amending Zoning Ordinance by changing tracts from AR and BP to SN Senior Citizens
279 Amending Zoning Ordinance by adding New Zoning District - SN - Senior Citizens Community Distict
278 PA One Call Ordinance (repeals Ordinance 273)
277 Animal Nuisance Ordinance
276 Authorizing and directing the disposal of Municipal Waste to the County Systems
275 Providing for the Regulation of Traffic and Parking in ENT
274 Adopting an Ordinance Codification of Complete Body of Legislation for ENT
273 Provide reimbursement of costs and expenses to ENT by contractors of inspection & similar services provided
272 Amending Ordinance No. 173 regarding swimming pools
271 Amending Home Buyers Notice ordinance by adding Condominium rider
270 Amending Police Pension Program - Pre-retirement Survivors benefits
269 Amending ssubdivision and land development ordinance: EDUs
268 Amending Zoning along Germantown Pk between Felton & Swede Rds from I to BP
267 Requiring anyone who performs work on highway to obtain Road Occupancy Permit
266 Providing that no public streets in ENT can be opened without first securing a permit
265 Imposing Capital Improvement Fee/East Norriton Joint Sewer Authority
264 Amending Zoning Ordinance - Rezoning Barone property from AR to BP
263 Amending Zoning Ordinance - Rezoning Hillcrest Ave parcel from AR to BP
262 Jamestowne Floodplain Ordinance
261 Weed Ordinance
260 Authorizing participation of ENT in Delaware Valley Municipal Liability Self-Insurance Trust
259 Deed Registry ordinance
258 Amending Subdivision/Land Development ordinance
257 Home Buyers Notice ordinance
256 Right to Know ordinance regarding Hazardous materials
255 Deleting floodplain (Jamestowne Subdivision)
254 Amending Zoning Ordinance - Building Set-back-line
253 Amending Zoning Ordinance - RP-Residential Professional Zoning District
252 Adopting East Norriton Township Police Department Manual
251 Deleting floodplain (Meadowview Subdivision)
250 Assuring compliance with taxing legislation by imposing new requirements to building permits
249 Amending Ordinance 149, 181, 200 and 202 - Stop Signs
248 Amending BOCA Bldg Code - Premises Identification, Fire Suppression systems, fire department connections
247 Amending Zoning Ordinance - Parking Space - In-law quarters
246 Amending Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance - Parking Areas, Water Supply
245 Amending Ordinance No. 230 (Sewer Connection Fee Ord)
244 Authorizing Bond Issue
243 Providing for levying, assessment and collection of a tax for general purposes
242 Amending Zoning Ord changing property at Hillcrest & Germantown from BR to BP
241 Amending employee Pension plan by providing Pre-retirement Survivor Annuity to beneficiary of unmarried, Vested Participants
240 Authorize the Employment of private agency to engage in tax collection for the Township
239 Amending Amusement Tax Ord No. 45 and Occup Priv Tax Ord No. 121
238 Towing ordinance
237 Increasing Sewage Collection Charge
236 Business Privilege Tax Ordinance
235 Amending Zoning Ordinance changing property at Arch Rd from AR to CR
234 Hazardous substances Ord. providing for recovery of costs incurred for abatement of hazardous substances on public/private roads & lands
233 Amending the Sub & Land Dev ordinance by making changes to text, paving course, sump pumps, community assets, parks & rec areas ($300 per dwelling unit)
232 Changing zoning of tract of land along Germantown Pike forn BP to CR
231 Changing zoning of tract of land along New Hope St from BP to I
230 Amending Ordinance #204 by increasing the sewer connection charge to $1,750.00
229 Amending Ordinance #117 giving certain police powers to ENT Enforcement Officials
228 Amending the Zoning Map by changing a tract of land on Old Arch Rd from AR to BR
227 Repealing Ordinance #220 by providing for paymt of Adm. Exp. from assets of Police Pension Plan
226 Repealing Ordinance #220 by providing for paymt of Adm. Exp. from assets of Employees Pension Plan
225 Amending Ordinance #40 by ading a use classification - the Industrial District
224 Dissolution of the Park & Rec Advisory Board by repealing Ordinance #194
223 Repealing #75 (Amusement Tax) by adding new section dealing with calculation of the tax
222 Providing for Compensation of Supervisors of ENT
221 Adoption of BOCA Building Code 1984 and Amendments
220 Amending Police Pension Program (Ord #162)
219 Amending ENT Employees Pension Plan (Ord #161) providing Actuarial Valuation be payable from assets of plan
218 Authorize & direct the incurring of Non-electoral Debt through issuance of a General Obligation Term Loan Note
217 Authorizing the erection of traffic control device prohibiting parking on Stanbridge Street
215 Amending Subdivision & Land Development Ord. by certain changes to the text
214 Sewer Use Ordinance
213 Amending Zoning Ordinance making certain changes to the text regarding signs
212 To provide imposition of a 25 mile per hour speed limit on all Township owned highways & roadways
211 Amending Zoning Ord. changing tract of land on Gtn & DeKalb Pike from C to BP (Dr. Eney's)
210 Amending Zoning Ord. changing tract of land on Swede & Twp Line Rd from AR to BP (Lieberman)
209 Allowing Conditional use - Horrox property
208 Amending Zoning map by changing tract of land at Gtn & Hillcrest from BR to BP (Horrox)
207 Capital Projects note
206 Amending Zoning Ord. by changing Barley Sheaf tract from BP to CR
205 Amending Ord. No. 162 regulating Police Pension program
204 Amending Ord. No. 193 by increasing tthe sewer connection charge to $1,000.00
203 Amending Ord. No. 73 creating office of Twp. Manager & setting forth powers, duties & compensation
202 Amending controlling intersections - adding stop sign at Woodland and Blackswift
201 Endorsing articles of agreement of the Montg. Cnty. Consortium of Communities
200 Amending Ord. No. 149 & 181 Providing for controlled intersections