Open Records Requests

Act 3, the new Right-to-Know Law, took effect January 1, 2009 and the following information is provided to comply with the new law, in accordance with East Norriton Township Ordinance 511.


 Police Department Requests

Please send all Right to Know Requests for the Police Department to:


Chief of Police
2501 Stanbridge Street
East Norriton, Pa 19401-1616

(p) 610-275-2800

 Other Local Requests

Please send all non-police Right to Know Requests to:


Township Manager
2501 Stanbridge Street
East Norriton, PA 19401-1616

(p)  610-275-2800

 County District Attorney

To file an appeal on a denial of a criminal investigative request, please file an appeal form within 15 business days to: 


Montgomery County District Attorney
P.O. Box 31
Norristown, PA  19404-0311

(p) 610-278-3090

 State Open Records Office

To challenge a response to a Right to Know response, please file an appeal form within 15 business days to:


Erik Arneson, Executive Director

Office of Open Records
333 Market Street, 16th Floor 
Harrisburge, PA  17101-2234

(p)  717-346-9903

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