East Norriton Township has updated its peddling and solicitation ordinance (details of ordinance # 592 can be found here).In addition to requiring a permit and establishing a 9PM curfew for soliciting (the previous 6PM curfew was ruled to be unconstitutional), the ordinance now provides for a DO NOT KNOCK list!
Companies selling, soliciting or canvassing are not allowed to enter any private property on the DO NOT KNOCK list. So if you do not wish to be contacted by non-exempt peddlers and solicitors at your property, then complete the below form to register for the East Norriton Township DO NOT KNOCK list. You will also receive an official East Norriton Township no soliciting sticker to post on your property.

Please note that registering with the “Do Not Knock” Registry DOES NOT prohibit door-to-door solicitation for civic, religious, charitable, or political purposes, or on behalf of an educational, recreational, cultural, scientific or similar non-profit organization.


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By submitting this application I acknowledge that I am authorized to do so by all occupants of this residence and I/we request that no solicitors or peddlers enter the property referenced on this application or otherwise attempt to solicit, peddle or distribute thereon.

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