Comprehensive Plan

East Norriton Township's Comprehensive Plan was approved by the East Norriton Township Board of Supervisors in 2019 and outlines the Township's goals and presents a vision for its future. Background information concerning population characteristics, housing characteristics, employment characteristics, and growth trends is included as part of the plan document.

The Comprehensive Plan was prepared with the involvement and input from residents, stakeholders and Township officials. Meetings were held by a Township-organized steering committee of residents and interested stakeholders to provide local context to the research findings and identify what changes had occurred since adoption of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan.The members of the steering committee included Gennaro Capone, Carol Foley, Joe Gambone, John Kolb, Pius Nark, Mike Pucci, Robert Schottmiller, Connie Stevenson, Anthony Taormina, Jay Tornetta, Keith Tornetta, and Kristl Wiernicki.

The information collected from these meetings was then presented at a series of three public outreach meetings hosted by the Township. Ultimately a final draft of the Comprehensive Plan was developed and presented to the Board of Supervisors and approved by the Supervisors at a public hearing on February 26, 2019.