East Norriton Township ranked in the Top 5 of "Best Affordable Suburbs 2009."

Our Mission
To efficiently and effectively manage the assets bestowed by the community in an ethical and responsible manner in order to promote an enduring, viable and harmonious community while encouraging economic prosperity. The Township will serve the residents, businesses and general public while being responsive to the health, safety and general welfare needs of the community.

In every way, our business is the center of people's lives
Our work includes the roads people drive on, the buildings they live and work in, the parks they play in and the water they drink. No person in the Township of East Norriton, whether a resident, a business, a tourist, or a shopper, is untouched by our work. We are in the business of creating and protecting community. Few businesses are involved in work so closely tied to life and living.

If we wish to predict the future, then we must create it.
We are proud of what we do. We take it seriously. As a government, our township organization is guided by elected officials. And while politics play an important role in choosing our leaders and charting our priorities, politics will play no role in choosing how we treat people. This document is about our operating principles as a township organization. It speaks of how we expect to act today and everyday. Against these operating principles, we will measure our decisions, our actions, ourselves. No doubt some of what is important is not mentioned here. We can add to these operating principles. We will not subtract from them, though. These values are ground rules, not options. They reflect what we stand for - and what we don't stand for. They are a fundamental part of the way we do business. Our commitment to them means that all of our actions and relationships- whether involving citizens or ourselves-are based on these seven.