Township Staff


 Ariel Brown, Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police Ext. 140

Natalie Colson, Recreation Department Ext. 121

Erica Cook, Finance Clerk/Accounts Payable Ext. 126

Dave Crist, Finance Director Ext. 143


Robert Hart, Township Manager;


Janet Hitt, Permits/Inspections Clerk Ext. 124


Erick Myers, Code Enforcement Officer Ext. 156

Carol Nowakowski, Zoning Clerk Ext. 149

Brandon Pfaff, Building Inspector Ext. 116


Phil Smith, Code Enforcement Officer Ext. 187

 Brett Stephens, Public Works Superintendent Ext. 147

Jim Sullivan, Director of Engineering Services Ext. 115

Margaret Thomas, Executive Assistant Ext. 114

Jeffrey Winterbottom, Assistant Township Manager Ext. 120