300-399 Ordinances

399 part 1 Participation of Township in Delaware Valley Municipal Health Insurance Trust
398 Permitting Public Transportation Shelters
397 Regulating Waste Landfills in Township
396 Amending Township Zoning code & Map from BP to C (WaWa Gtn Pk)
395 Amending Township Zoning code & Map from AR to RP (2425 Arch)
394 Amending Township code for Municipal Claims & Tax Liens by Changing attorney's fees
393 Amending the sub-division & L D Code; Specs for installation of Sanitary Sewer
392 Amending Code by regulating "Do Not Enter" areas & signs
391 Amending provisions of Employee's Pension Plan to lower the retirement age requirements
390 Amending Code, Governing Use and Occupancy Permits
389 Adopting the 1996 Edition of Internatl Mechanical Code & 1997 Edition of Plumbing Code
388 Adopting the BOCA National Building code, Thirteenth Edition - 1996
387 Deleting the requirements for Sprinklers in Structures used as One or Two-family dwelling units
386 Change Chapter 72 deleting Sprinkler Systems (should not have been adopted) refer to # 387
385 Discontinuance of Kerosene Heaters in Township
384 U-turns
383 Mill Road stop signs
382 Amending Zoning Code to R-R Retirement Residential District
381 Amending Zoning Code to R-R Retirement Residential District
380 Amending Code for requirements on sidewalk, curbing, driveway & parking design
379 Health insurance co-operative
378 Eney - Rezoning from BP to Commercial
377 Flood Plain regulations
376 Parking fines increased
375 Snow Emergency Parking Regulations
374 Increase sewer rental charges
373 Zoning Ordinance amendment; Prohibit Comm. Antenna & In-law Quarters
372 part 1 Adopted Bond Issue Ordinance
371 Jefferson House Rezoning
370 Amend Subdivision & LD Ordinance to require plans be provided on Magnetic Media (discs)
369 Amend Police Pension
368 Municipal Claim & Tax Lien - Legal fees for Delinquent Accts
367 Amend S26.3 "Optional Retirement Benefits"
366 Sewer Use Ordinance Amendment
365 Shade Tree Commission Ordinance
364 Add stop sign - W. Crossing Circle, Cresswell Dr. N. & correct numbering of Ord. #363
363 Rezoning 538 N. Trooper Rd from C- Commercial to I - Industrial
362 Supervisor's Compensation
361 Tax Certification Fee Authorization
360 Pedaling and Soliciting
359 Nuisance Ordinance - Commercial Vehicles
358 Rezoning Johnson Highway & Wawa from C to C-1
357 Amending Zoning Ordinance C-1 District
356 Providing Compensation for the Supervisors
355 Property Code Maintenance Ordinance
354 Plumbing Code Ordinance
353 Mechanical Code Ordinance
352 Fire Code Ordinance
351 Building Code Ordinance
350 Adding stop signs
349 Amending Zoning Ord - Industrial District setbacks
348 Adding stop signs
347 - part 1 Sewer Use Ordinance
346 Amending ENT Employee's Pension Plan to provide for employee contributions to fund
345 Amending Zoning Ordinance - Day Care Centers, Landscaping of Parking lots, Decks, Patios, In-law quarters, temporary structures
344 Cable Television rate regulation Ordinance
343 Recycling Ordinance Amendments
342 Noise Ordinance
341 Rezoning Mirabile property from AR-Residential to MR-Medium Density
340 Creating MR-Medium Density Residential Zoning District
339 Amending ENT Pension Plans Ordinance
338 Sewer Rate Increase Ordinance 1993
337 Adding stop signs - Roland Drive
336 Endorsing amended Articles of Agreement, Montgomery County Consortium
335 Authorizing participation in DVWCT
334 Zoning Ordinance Amendments - definition of Family, setbacks, accessory uses
333 Sewer Rate Increase Ordinance 1993
332 General Bond Obligations, Series of 1993 Sewers
331 Official Township Fire Company - Norriton Fire Engine Company
330 Sign Ordinance Amendment - Business signs on Institutional Property
329 Fire Losses Ordinance
328 Plumbing Ordinance Amendments
327 part 1 Sewer Use Ordinance
326 Amending SD/LD Ordinance - Sidewalks (ADA) requirements
325 Amending SD/LD Ordinance - Landscaping requirements
324 Amending Zoning Ordinance - Deleting references to Landscaping requirements
323 Adding traffic control sign locations
322 Amending Tax Collector's Ordinance
321 Amending Plumbing Code
320 Amending SD/LD Ordinance by requiring provisions for streetlights
319 Amending SD/LD Ordinance by ading provisions related to Minor subdivisions
318 Amending SD/LD Ordinance by adding provisions related to storm water management
317 Park and Recreation Ordinance
316 Mutual Aid Agreement Ordinance
315 Amending Zoning Map - rezoning land at Gtn & Arch Rd from HR-HighRise to EC-Executive Campus
314 Creating EC Zoning District
313 Amending Non-uniformed Pension Plan
312 Amending Zoning Ordinance - Definition of "Family", reserved parking, Outdoor sales restrictions, Disallowing Radio & Television towers in IN District
311 Plumbing Code Ordinance
310 Right-to-know Ordinanc - Inspection/Reproduction of Public Record
309 Bond Issue ordinane
308 Adding Stop Sign locations - Hemlock & Oak Dr
307 Adding Stop Sign locations, correcting position of direction for others
306 Amending Sub. & LD Ordinance - deleting Outfall Storm Water Sewer Fees
305 Nuisance Ordinance
304 Rezoning certain properties from AR to RO - Residential/Office
303 Creating a new RO - Residential Office District
302 Amending Sewer Ordinance by imposing Tapping fees
301 Amending recycling Ordinance by adding recycling matter
300 Authorizing ENT to participate in Delaware Valley Workers Compensation Trust